WHITE NOISE II: Art works by emerging sound artists

WHITE NOISE II: Art works by emerging sound artists

WHITE NOISE II: Artworks by emerging sound artists
Curated by Esa Nickle
November 1 – 26, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 3, 2007. 6-8pm
Live performance by Michael Northam @ 7pm

[VIDEOBOX] Michael Northam

White Box will present White Noise II in collaboration with its New Composers Series and as part of the Second Biennale of PERFORMA 07. Its goal is to provide a vital group of today’s sound artists with a rare opportunity to either produce new works or stage and premier existing works that are non-commercial, experimental, innovative, bringing a new vitality and excitement to today’s sound art field. Michael Northam, Eva Sjuve, James Fei, Kato Hideki and Kabir Carter have been selected to take part in this exhibition. These young and emerging artists explore the intersection of sound, performance and mobile media in unique ways and presentations.

The Second Biennale of Performa 07 and White Noise II will be complemented with a one-week presentation, from November 19 th to November 26 th, 2007, of the 1969 musical composition by JOHN CAGE titled 33 1/3.

This final week of White Noise II offers a unique opportunity to visitors to become acquainted with a pivotal 1969 work by John Cage, a forerunner of the American avant-garde. Visitors entering White Box’s space are welcomed by an audio-visual piece made of 12 phonographs and an assorted random group of 200 to 300 albums where they are invited to create their own musical score. The truly interactive piece shows Cage’s extraordinary blend of music, Fluxus and Performance Art, where people pick random music and spin their selection on the 33 1/3 record turntables, creating new music. The piece turns the concept of authorship on its head and, in a classic Cage Buddhist and democratic gesture, during their visit each person becomes a temporary composer–performer. The new and totally original musical score is composed from the blend of each individual visitor-turned-composer. In the end, the experience may lead to several surprising daily symphonic concerts.

Performance Dates:

Michael Northam:Membrane Seeding
November 1-10 live performance: Saturday, November 3 @7pm

James Fei, Kato Hideki & Ed Tomney
live performance: Friday, November 9 @ 6pm

Eva Sjuve:Go Karamazov
live performance: Saturday, November 10 @ 7pm

Kabir Carter:Overexcited Recaptures
November 13-17 live performance: Saturday, November 17 @6pm

John Cage:33 1/3, 1969
November 19-26 11am–6pm

Special opening:
Tuesday, November 20 @ 6pm
open session of audience interaction with SHARE– an improvisational electronic emergent art community and forum

Saturday, November 24
open session of interjected-random readings of Gertrude Stein by Mary Beth Edelson

This exhibition is generously supported by the Greenwall Foundation. Additional support for White Noise II was received from the Experimental Television Center’s Presentation Funds Program. The Experimental Television Center ’s Presentation Funds Program is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts.

The New Composers Series has received generous support from the New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and is produced by White Box with the collaboration of the Electronic Music Foundation and in association with Diapason Sound Art Gallery and New Wilderness Foundation Inc.

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