FEBRUARY 23 – MARCH 10, 2013


White Box is pleased to announce the opening of Berlese Funnel, an exhibition showcasing new works by artists Andrew Sutherland, Édouard Nardon and Evan Robarts. Curated by Ana C. Garcia, Berlese Funnel highlights and separates each artist’s distinct creative process, most apparent in their different uses of materials; on the other hand, the show also references their interest in and celebration of the various historical genres that have impacted their work. In all cases, what results, or rather funnels out, are compositions and constructions that are at times moving and other times humorous and ironic.

Andrew Sutherland’s overall body of work has flair of the postmodern, while harking back to major figures in modern art. Using materials such as corrugated cardboard, vinyl and medium density fiberboard, his work recalls iconographic minimalists Sol LeWitt, Tony Smith and even sometimes Frank Stella. He works as a composer of mundane materials and uneventful spaces and creates nature-inspired artworks with a modern twist.

Édouard Nardon’s objects and two-dimensional works reveal a European classic sense of style and the artist seems equipped to infuse simple matter with emotional significance. His choice of materials on a formal level, combine both his personal experiences with those industrially produced, juxtaposing the soft with the solid.

Evan Robarts’ work displays a rather introspective approach, using dissonant found objects and various non-traditional materials to turn them into playful three-dimensional statements, seemingly nostalgic of childhood. However, there is interplay between art and science that is relevant to the current time, using these objects to find new interactions with form, material, and even identity.


Opening Ceremony, Berlese Funnel At WhiteBox, by Alexandre Stipanovich

Untitled, Berlese Funnel – WhiteBox – New York – February 23 – March 10

Interview, Edouard Nardon Escapes to WhiteBox, by Alexandre Stipanovich


Images courtesy of Amelia Maffin

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