New York Soundscape
October 29 – November 1, 2010
Multimedia Production October 30, 2010 (matinee)
Concert Performances October 30, 2010. 8PM

The Electronic Music Foundation’s fifth annual festival of environmental sound art, Ear to the Earth 2010, brings music, multimedia, and marine sciences together to explore the present and future of water and the world.

NEW YORK SOUNDSCAPE will be held at White Box with a combination of installations, performances, and a multimedia theatrical production, from artists Miguel Frasconi, Jennifer Stock, Paula Matthusen, Aleksei Stevens, Sheila Callaghan, Katie Down, and Daniella Topol.

INSTALLATIONS: Thursday, October 28 – Monday, November 01

Jennifer Stock: At Water’s Edge
For Ear to the Earth 2010, Jennifer Stock is creating an installation that focuses on the shifting light of Brooklyn waterways. With the quality of light always changing across its surface, Waterfront Brooklyn gives residents an unusual vista, creating a compelling, shifting atmosphere in a city often challenged for unrestricted access to light.

Liz Phillips: Here/Hear: Manhattan is an Island
So Manhattan is an island. Can we listen to its waters as if in a rowboat? Can we record the tides from every direction as they wash against the island? Dedicated to the memory of Maryanne Amacher, this installation uses synchronized recordings taken from multiple locations on the water and plays them back through transducers of
wood, shells and bamboo – evoking the places where the recordings took place and memories of the water there.

MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION: Saturday, October 30 (matinee)

WATER (or the secret life of objects)
Sheila Callaghan: Playwright, Katie Down: Sound Artist, Daniella Topol: Director
WATER (or the secret life of objects) aims to illuminate struggles and water – including access, purification, and privatization – while exploring water as a life force, an object of political debate, and a powerful and beguiling element. Combining visual art installation with fragmented scenes, videos, sounds and audience interaction, WATER explores how we as a global community overcome tragedy, surrender to it, or exist in the spaces between.

CONCERT PERFORMANCES: Saturday, October 30, 8pm

Miguel Frasconi: Untitled

Aleksei Stevens: Standing Water: Sound Map of the Gowanus Canal, 2010

Paula Matthusen: Navigable

Miguel Frasconi’s work transforms information on NYC water consumption, and the journey taken from its source to its destination, into a score to be performed on invented instruments inspired by water as a physical material.
Aleksei Stevens made recordings of the Gowanus Canal in order to isolate its sounds from the highly visible evidence of its pollution, only to find the resulting recordings eerily devoid of not only the typical sounds of wildlife (save the odd gull), or those of ships and docks, but indeed the very sounds of water itself.
Paula Matthusen presents a theme and variations based on the resonant frequencies of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel – a space not only renowned for its significance in the development of subways, but also as a site of cultural intrigue.

For more EAR TO THE EARTH 2010 events, please visit www.emfproductions.org


SHEILA CALLAGHAN is a playwright whose works have been produced and developed with Soho Rep, Playwright’s Horizons, South Coast Repertory, Clubbed Thumb, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, New Georges, and Moving Arts, among others. She has received numerous awards, including two Princess Grace Awards, an LA Weekly Award, a Jerome Fellowship, a Chesley Prize, grants from NYFA and NYSC, and a Mac Dowell Residency.

KATIE DOWN is a sound artist, composer, performer, and sound designer for theatre, film, video, and dance. She also performs regularly with The Ukuladies, where she sings and plays ukuleles, as well as various toy instruments. As a theatre artist, she has traveled extensively throughout Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and South Africa.

MIGUEL FRASCONI uses electronics and a menagerie of glass objects to create music from a uniquely imagined tradition. His glass instruments are struck, blown, stroked and otherwise coaxed into vibration. Miguel has worked closely with composers John Cage, Jon Hassell, James Tenney, Morton Subotnick, and dance pioneer Anna Halprin.

He was a founding member of the new music ensemble The Glass Orchestra.

PAULA MATTHUSEN is a composer and sound artist who creates electronic and acoustic music and installations.
She has written for diverse instrumentations, such as “run-on sentence of the pavement” for piano, ping-pong balls, and electronics. Her work has been featured at numerous venues and festivals, including Roulette Intermedium, Merkin Concert Hall, Sonic Arts Research Center, Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music, and SEAMUS.

LIZ PHILLIPS is a New York based artist who has been making interactive multi-media installations for 40 years.
She creates responsive environments sensing wind, plants, fish, audience, dance, water, and food. Her work has been exhibited at art museums, alternative spaces, festivals, and public spaces including The Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Ars Electronica, and The Kitchen.

ALEKSEI STEVENS is a composer, sound artist, and laptop performer based in Brooklyn, NY. His work incorporates traditional instruments with found sound and interactive computer music, and has been performed in the US and abroad. He has presented work in festivals including Make Music NY (NYC), Ear to the Earth (NYC),
Source (Washington, DC), and Tevereterno (Rome).

JENNIFER STOCK is a composer and video artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She creates audiovisual pieces that focus on landscape, “transform[ing] nearly recognizable figures into dancing geometrical patterns and ghostly apparitions.”
(Steve Smith, New York Times) She released En Plein Air, a DVD of her audiovisual works, at Roulette in October.

DANIELLA TOPOL is a New York based freelance theater director primarily focused on working with writers to develop and direct relevant and adventuresome new plays and musicals. Recent credits include: Susan Yankowitz’s
NIGHT SKY (Baruch Performing Arts Center), Judith Thompson’s PALACE OF THE END (Epic Theatre), Trista Baldwin’s SAND (Women’s Project and Productions), and Sheila Callaghan’s DEAD CITY (New Georges).