Press Launch 6/24/15 – Intimate Transgressions

Intimate Transgressions challenges the hidden war against women

PRESS LAUNCH AT WhiteBox – Wednesday 24 June 6-8pm

We are delighted to announce that Anthony Haden-Guest, writer, reporter and art critic well known on the NY scene will be master of ceremonies at the launch

Intimate Transgressions is an exhibition in which twenty artists from around the world respond to the challenging theme of sexual violence as a tactic of terror. The exhibition is presented by the Centre for Asian Pacific Affairs (CAPA) and WhiteBox, New York. The artworks on display respond to the transnational issue of violence against women during times of conflict from both a historical and contemporary perspective.

The exhibition previews on Thursday, September 3rd from 6pm at WhiteBox, 329 Broome

Street, New York City.

The exhibition was conceived by international curator Fion Gunn in association with WhiteBox Artistic Director Juan Puntes. Commenting on the need for such an exhibition Fion Gunn said:

The opening of Intimate Transgressions on September 3rd, 2015 marks the seventieth anniversary of Japan signing the armistice with the allied forces during World War Two. Researching this historic period and uncovering the disturbing plight of the so called ‘Comfort Women’ made me realise that sexual violence against women during periods of war continues to this day and it is an outrage which is not being eradicated. With Intimate Transgressions, the issue has been raised and dialogue initiated as part of a movement to protect women from such crimes”

The Intimate Transgressions exhibition can be seen at the WhiteBox Art Centre until October

4th, 2015. It will then tour to Beijing and Shanghai for the remainder of the year. The artists

involved in the exhibition come from as far afield as China, Egypt, Cuba, Mexico, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The work is diverse and covers a range of media and styles from drawing and print to installation and video. The cohesion of the exhibition is its desire to initiate a dialogue about conflict and violence against women from a global and shared oppositional stance. For those opposed to global conflict this is an exhibition you should see.



Exhibition opens                                               Sept. 3rd

Exhibition closes                                              Oct. 4th

Location: WhiteBox, 329 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002



Key Contacts: Fion Gunn, Curator Email:

Juan Puntes (co curator) Email:


Exhibition Website:

WBX Website:


For More Information:

Images and artists’ biographies and websites are available on the exhibition website

Associated events such as talks, lectures and workshops will be posted on the exhibition website in advance of exhibition opening

High resolution images available on request from Fion Gunn (above)

The curator and selected artists will be available for interview at the preview events



Participating Artists:



Andi Arnovitz (Israel),                                             A.N.V.I.L. Art Collective (USA),     Niamh Cunningham (Ireland/China)

Regina José Galindo (Guatemala),                    

Anita Glesta (USA),                                                     Fion Gunn (UK/Ireland),

Nermine Hammam (Egypt),                                    

Šejla Kamerić                                                             

Oswaldo Maciá (Colombia),                                

Teresa Margolles (Mexico),                                 Elahe Massoumi (Iran/USA),

Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo (Cuba),

Chen Meitsen Taiwan/France),                                              

Atsuko Nakamura (Japan),                                   

Gail Ritchie (Northern Ireland),                                            

Xin Song (China),                                                      

Michael Lisle-Taylor (UK),                                     Ma Yanling (China),

Gao Yuan (Taiwan/USA),                                      

Yoshiko Shimada,                                                    

Jelena Tomasević (Montenegro),

Chen Qingqing (China),


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