The Great Repression

A Selection Of Recent Video Art 
By Young, Emerging Russian Artists
Curated by Andrey Parshikov
March 13 – March 23, 2008
 Extended April 1 – 5, 2008
Opening Reception Friday March 14, 2008


WHITE BOX is proud to present recent emerging Russian artist’s video works:
Hamburger by Ksenia Peretrukhina
Moscow 2012 by PG Group
Just Drink It by Yasha Kazhdan
Prosecutors by Alina Gutkina
Interpretation 6 by Masha Sha
Cloning Factory 2 by Alina & Jeff Blumis

RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES ARE ALIVE AND WELL, AS EVIDENCED BY THE MOST RECENT ELECTIONS! Wild West-style oil capitalism in Russia provides the backdrop for The Great Repression, a selection of recent video art by young, emerging Russian artists, curated by Andrey Parshikov. The overt political oppression of the Soviet era has given way to new forms of hidden oppression, quite literally fueled by oil and driven by media and advertising. Every Russian TV screen now projects a numbing and brutal new reality into people’s homes, subjecting them to forces whose effects are felt even when their source remains unseen. The pieces in this selection hold a lens, sweet and ironic, to these pervasive forces, showing how in the absence of anything identifiable to oppose, the tendency is simply to succumb. It is, in fact, the insidious invisibility of the forces behind everything from manipulative advertising to market-driven political corruption that results in this so-called Great Repression.


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