Curated by Dominique Nahas
December 3, 1998 – February 6, 1999

“Plural Speech” unites the work of five artists who communicate with singularity and purpose on the structure of the self-experienced through thought, memory and the structure of everyday experience. Using words or text in their installations and individual artworks, these artists attempt to communicate an almost incommunicable irruption occurring between the senses of deprivation and rootlessness and between those of longing and fulfillment.

Using language-infused artwork as the bridge between the public and the private spheres, the task of the artists in “Plural Speech”, to use Maurice Blanchot’s words in “The Infinite Conversation”, is “to respond to this speech that surpasses [our] hearing, to respond to it without having really understood it, and to respond to it in repeating it, in making it speak… To name the possible, to respond to the impossible. I remember that we had designated in this way the two centers of gravity of all language.”

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