December 5 – 23, 2012
Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 5, 6 – 8pm

White Box is pleased to present the recent Neo-Surrealist works of Pedro Castrortega in his debut solo exhibition in New York, entitled “GENOME”. As the title implies, “GENOME”, deriving from the words GENe and chromosOME, attests to Castrortega’s fascination with the complexity of human genetic makeup. In exploring genomics as an artist, Castrortega confronts the issue of how to visually represent this multifarious topic, sharing with the viewer his distinct vision, complete with fluid forms comprised of line, color, shapes and expressive force. Each work on paper displayed at White Box is as unique as each of its viewers, each carrying a sense of identity; however, Castrortega aims to remind his viewers that no matter how different and multifaceted each work or individual is, they still in fact occupy the same space in a shared universe.

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