Curated by Juan Puntes
December 17, 2011 – January 5, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 17, 2011. 6 – 9pm

White Box is pleased to present Luminae, an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and installations, featuring two emerging artists: Anna Kunz and Alexandra Phillips, and two artists of stature and complexity: Louise Fishman and Jan Henderikse, whose work draws exciting parallels with that of Phillips and Kunz. The core works in the show are inspired by experiential interactions with the urban environment, art, and architecture. These works are positioned in an operable, site-responsive way within the given architectural space of White Box. In keeping the works’ interchangeability, the paintings and colored sculptures seep out of their contained entities entering the viewer’s retinal space with the same impetus that light filters into a room through a window. The show is meant to inspire New Yorkers, who are accustomed to spending a significant amount of time underground-in the darkness, attempting to reach a destination. In the viewers’ eyes, the works become sensitive to the way light can transform experiences and temporality using illusionary spaces, metaphors with multiple associations, and the context of architecture. Luminae pertains to illumination, a constant interest all participants of this show share as well as the use of selective formal qualities, and in a more Duchampian style or ‘touch,’ tweaking color and various densities of paint as both mirror-like and light absorbing (opaque), moving the viewer through the paintings and back into space. Furthermore, the color in each piece is choreographed to create shifting atmospheres by using hues that create afterimages that carry on to other works, reflecting the other works in sight within them as to allow not only the spectator to ‘finish’ the artwork, but inviting the reflected, neighboring works as characters in this “play.”


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