Jose Pedro Godoy: The Beloved

Curated by Yael Rosenblut
March 26 – April 11
Opening reception: Wed. March 27, 6-8pm


White Box is proud to present the work of emerging Chilean artist, José Pedro Godoy, in his premier New York exhibition, The Beloved.  Godoy’s most recent series represents a new breed of Pan-American Realist and Allegorical painters drawing their inspiration from a High Baroque sensibility infused with a homoerotic, hardcore sensuality.  Depicted are scenes pointing to youthful profanity expressed in a visual language that spells a sense of perversion albeit delivered with ornate detail and passion. Godoy’s various figurative styles reference Western painterly traditions, in particular Peter Paul Rubens’ High Baroque seminal painting Bacchanal, which instead of women Godoy has changed for an all-male cast. Godoy’s drawings that depict young Athenian adonis’ in scenarios ‘al fresco’ are a straightforward rendition of homoerotic games, gestures and behavior.

As a whole The Beloved shows the artist’s mastery of chiaroscuro, which combined with subtle tonal variations, accomplishes to best portray the young, seductive and beautiful men as exuberant demi-gods existing in a paradise all their own. Letting their fantasies loose, they represent what is unrestrained and free, which in our contemporary urban world, often too restricted and formulaic, reminds the viewer of his or her unfulfilled and hidden dreams and desires.


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