Curated by Anat Ebgi and Carla Stellweg
September 9 – October 2, 2004

Natalia Benedetti / Francie Bishop Good / Alejandro Cardenas / Cooper / Christian Curiel / n.b. DASH / Jen DeNike / Jacin Giordano / Adler Guerrier / Jason Hedges / Javier Hernandez / Beatriz Monteavaro / Brandon Opalka / Gavin Perry / Vickie Pierre / Ali Prosch / Tao Rey / Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova / Norberto Rodriguez / A.A. Rucci / Tom Scicluna / Frances Trombly /Eugenia Vargas

domesticArrivals is the first in a series of White Box exhibitions focusing on distinct regions and areas that have each developed an alternative history fueled by the contexts of their cultural and social environments as well as the globalizing shifts and changes of the last decade. The domesticArrivals first installment takes a look at Florida, the Swing-Vote State in this Presidential Election year. The exhibition brings an exciting selection of visual imagery by a group of Miami-linked artists to the New York foreground. It takes into consideration the many ways in which the international New York art nucleus has influenced the Miami art scene in its outer orbit by focusing on twenty-three artists who have all contributed to the emergence of a dynamic art community, a scene rife with talent and vitality that has fired-up the decades old Miami-New York connection and fascination. Similar to the 1980s New York alternative scene, over these past ten years an increasing number of outstanding artists have come out of the Miami alternative experience and, with the rise in worldwide attention and popularity resulting from the Basel Art Fair on Miami’s South Beach, New York is paying attention. With a diversity of mediums such as photography, video, installation, painting, and sculpture, the exhibition will occupy both White Box and its affiliate, The ANNEX located at 601 West 26th Street, 14th Floor.

Major support has been received from Mr. James S. Chanos and Four Season Hotel and Tower-Miami with additional support from White Box Members and the Board of Directors.