Organized by Michele Thursz and Defne Ayas
October 21 – November 6, 2004

Anne-Marie Schleiner / Bjorn Melhus / Hug & Magnan / Jonah Bruckner-Cohen/ Kendell Geers/ Larry Litt/ Michael Anderson / Pursue the Pulse/ Randall Packer / Ricardo Miranda Zuniga / Serkan Ozkaya / Assume Vivid Astro Focus / Sislej Xhafa

White Box will present Democracy is Fun? an exhibition that explores how the cross-pollination of media, technology and culture impacts artistic production and the social mechanism of art in politically tense times. Inspired to propose a new possibility for curatorial process in the upsurge in election-related exhibitions and adhering to the spirit of democracy, Democracy is Fun? is organized to provide a physical and virtual platform to demonstrate, document and archive curatorial and artist-led actions with a proficiency of technological production tools. Democracy is Fun? brings together, through a collective production-survey, a group of actions with the purpose to unite various perspectives on American politics. Through the interruption of singular actions, Democracy is Fun? exposes the distinctive concerns of these cultural producers as a whole, while accentuating a stance of democracy which can hold many perspectives.

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