Curated by Koan Jeff Baysa
Organized by Wines of South Africa
October 10 – 24, 2012
A selection of photographs and projections
Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 10, 5 – 11pm

White Box and Wines of South Africa are honored to announce South African photographer Cloete Breytenbach’s first solo exhibition in New York City. DISTRICT SIX is a deeply touching exhibit of photographs taken by Cloete Breyten-bach depicting the people and their surroundings of District Six, a suburb of Cape Town that was demolished during the years of Apartheid. In the late 1970’s, the people who lived there were forcefully removed from their homes by the government because the suburb was seen as too mixed in race and too close to Cape Town’s center, which was regarded as a “white area”. During this very problematic time in the history of South Africa, Cloete Breytenbach made this poignant documentary of photographs over a period of five years. His photographs focus on how diverse this poor neighborhood was, capturing the activities and feelings of its people. This collection serves as a priceless reminder of how alive with culture and spirited District Six was.

Cloete Breytenbach will be present for the opening reception and South African wines will be served for the duration of the event. DISTRICT SIX will be on view at White Box from October 10th through the 24th.

A limited number of sets of the District Six collection signed by the photographer will be available upon request.

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