After the Diagram
Curated by Douglas Cooper and Lauri Firstenberg
April 26 – June 2, 2001

Diller and Scofidio, David Rokeby, Atom Egoyan, Warren Neidich, Michael Rashkow, Dysmedia, Melissa Gould, Michael Queenland, Siemon Allen, Kim Lieberman, Jonah Freeman, Wade Guyton, Alex Posen, Alex Arcadia.

The diagram collapses the dichotomy between representation and abstraction: it always has ties to the real, and it is always abstract. “After the Diagram” is an examination of various ways in which contemporary artists and architects involve disparate strategies to detonate the conventions of the diagram itself. Representing only a few critical assaults on traditional notions of the diagram, this exhibition questions new and tentative modes of artistic production in the wake of representational security. The subtitles are far from rigid categories, as many of the works featured in the show operate under more than one of these posited strategies. Hence, the exhibition itself is conceptually framed as a Venn diagram.

BUILDING THE DIAGRAM – Melissa Gould (MeGo), THE GESTURAL PARADOX -Dysmedia, Alex Posen, MIS-ANNOTATION – Atom Egoyan, Mego, THE DIAGRAM DIVORCED FROM HUMAN WILL – David Rokeby, Michael Rashkow, SOFTENING THE HARD EDGE – Diller + Scofidio, Kim Lieberman, Siemon Allen, PUSHING THE DIAGRAM INTO THE REAL – Warren Neidich, Michael Rashkow, Wade Guyton, Jonah Freeman. SEVERING THE ACTUAL – Siemon Allen, Michael Queenland, Alex Arcadia.

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