The Station

The Station
A two hour live immersive installation of sound, light, movement and sculpture.

December 9th | 7pm

So Young An | Li Cata | Carly Czach | Carlye Eckert | Mandie Erickson | Michael Getmon Robert Duteil | Susan Hayes | Phillip Kim | Thea Little | Rebecca Medina | India Menuez Ross Menuez | Jeremy Pheiffer  | Courtney Surmanek | Seth Tillet | Bill Toles

New York City – Whitebox Art Center is pleased to present an on-going collaborative InnerCity Projects by Jo Wood-Brown and Miriam Parker.  This multi-media installation explores how we form our world through images. The viewer becomes immersed in an interactive painting, integrating reality through the lens of the imagination. The soundscape, as well as the movement of the performers, draw from improvisation to create a unique environment based on each individual inhabiting the space.

InnerCity Projects is a creative team that brings together installation, dance, video, sculpture and painting. Jo Wood-Brown and Miriam Parker began working together in 2007 with the interest in creating hybrids between visual art and dance as a way of fusing many different ways of seeing.

The Station is a live installation that epitomizes the interdisciplinary innovation of both Parker and Wood-Brown. The work distills, morphs and changes as it travels through many media and disciplines. The audience is invited to migrate through the exhibition along set pathways of cement bricks, giving the audience a performative, participatory role.

Each viewer’s experience is shaped further by encounters with performance, image, structure, sound and light.

Created by Jo Wood-Brown & Miriam Parker. Dramaturgy by Michael Getman.

For information please visit:
Link to InnerCity Projects Facebook
Link to InnerCity Projects vimeo

 InnerCity Projects is supported by Mifal Hapais and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

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