The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra

SEPTEMBER 10, 2011 7:00 PM
Members for the performance:

Benjamin Miller: Conductor, Composer

Gerald Thomas: Tenor

A. J. Kluth: Tenor

Joe Wilson: Tenor

Kristin Olson: Baritone

Chris Diasparra: Baritone

Kyle: Baritone

Stefan Zenuik: Bass

David Tedeschi: Drum Kit

The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra formed in 2008 as NYC’s first full-on saxophone orchestra. The following year, this 12-piece ensemble premiered Terry Riley’s In C at Issue Project Room and Miller’s Symphony of Suspicious Activity at Brooklyn Lyceum. As composer and conductor, Benjamin Miller’s work is influenced by many genres and composers including Terry Riley, Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Oliver Messiaen, and Glenn Branca to name a few. Miller’s music explores both tonality and atonality without the common restrictions of either context.

“…a haunting, dissonant swoon like that of battling church organs, or a swarm of bugs.” Village Voice, Christopher Weingarten 2009

Miller’s performance and recording credits include Sproton Layer (1969-71) with brothers Roger (Mission of Burma) and Laurence (Mr. Laurence Experience); The Fourth World Quartet (74-75) with hyperpianist Denman Maroney, Empool (76-78), Destroy All Monsters (77-78) with the late Ron Asheton (Stooges) and Michael Davis (MC5); GKW (82-94), Dirty Old Man River (97-2000), and Ben Miller/degeneration (solo multiphonic guitar, 2000-present).