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Stand Up Philosophy – Dejan Lukic
Step Not Beyond / Philosophical Therapeutics for the Lucid

An open and free workshop series focusing on themes central to art and culture (desire, sensation, power). These enlightening lectures will teach you how to look at art with more confidence and an expanded vocabulary. They will speak about the role seduction plays in choosing what we like. A veritable “scholastic-oracular” presentation that is scholarly and enigmatic, rigorous and rarefied, where key terms in aesthetics are defined in a fluid and luminous language. The goal is to take essential experiences which became occluded in contemporary practice as purely practical matters that can be plugged into our lives to better inform our tastes. Inspiration is drawn from art, philosophy, architecture, and anthropology. The mediator, Dejan Lukic holds a Phd in anthropology from Columbia University and has lectured at numerous universities. For more details visit:

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On Desire

Thursdays, October 9, 16, 23, 30 |  7pm – 9 pm

There is a “thrust” which determines our strongest feelings of being alive. With it, a simple but difficult question arises: what is desire? An impulse that drives us toward what we lack or a force that constantly derails us and throws us off track? What are its economies, politics, and aesthetics? Can this “hunger,” as a set of inclinations, be trained? And if life itself is a constant outpouring why do we create boundaries for ourselves?

On Sensation

Sundays, November 16 & 30 | 3pm – 5 pm

Art produces sensation and in this respect connects us to what we call “life.” But more importantly, what are the unforeseen sensations, why do they matter, how do they intervene within our daily life, how do they make it extraordinary? How do individual authors construct impersonal sensations (through what vulnerabilities)? And finally, what kind of perception, awareness, and furor does every new sensation open?

On Power and Secrecy

Sundays, December 14 & 28 | 3pm – 5 pm

Power: the capacity to act, an energetic principle. The most basic principle that denotes an ability to affect and to be affected by something or someone. One writer says that secrecy is at the core of power. But how do we define power? How many different types and experiences of power are there (being overpowered, empowered, in resistance, in domination, etc.)? How does secrecy harness its own power? Public or private: which contains a more vigorous degree of empowerment? And which is healthier: the crude power of the institution (megapower) or the ephemeral power of the fugitive (micropower)?


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