Composer-pianist-DJ XiRen Wang shares, for the first time in live performance, the haunting and captivating music scores that have accompanied and contoured the high highs and low lows of the dynastic dramas and compelling stories of YangTze Repertory Theatre of America. A Juilliard trained international artist of diverse background, XiRen has been creating “aural magic” as Composer in Residence for YangTze Theatre for the past four years. XiRen is joined by performing artists who reign in both Chinese music and electronic music worlds, including FeiFei Yang on Erhu, Wei Sun on Guzheng, Maxwell Carmack on synths, and Mondo Wav on guitar and projections.
The concert is co-presented by WhiteBox Lab>>Sound Lounge.
This is a tribute to the river that has brought us together. Whether we are born children of the YangTze River, or have sailed its lengths in New York, through theatre, we are united in story. Through music and moving images, this is the retelling of riverine tales – for the first time, without words. This is a performance of time-travel, of tradition meets technology, of East meets West, of romance meets battlefield, of acoustic meets electronica. The program includes best scores from : The Story of Yu-Huan, Behind the Mask, and Midnight Kill, as well as new works in the fusion sound worlds XiRen creates in.
Through the telling and retelling of the tales, we become conscious of the fragments that make us whole. As we honor our roots, we are extending the footprint of the already longest river in Asia, and in the process, renewing the life that feeds our work.
XiRen Wang is an award-winning composer-pianist-DJ who grew up third culture, and writes music that is a blend of traditional and electronic. Her music is visually cued, and originates from core emotions. Her latest film score for “The EYES” debuted in Hollywood, and is currently playing in theaters across the country. You can also catch her at her DJ residency at Midnights BK.