Ilija Šoškić : WBX at PERFORMA15 Maximum Energy – Minimum Time

Ilija Soskic WhiteBox Performa 15

WhiteBox at PERFORMA15 presents

Ilija Šoškić: INTERSECTIONS – Milk and Silk

(Homage to Mayakovsky and related actions)


Maximum Energy – Minimum Time

Saturday, Nov. 21, 6pm-9pm

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Ilija Šoškić draws excerpts from past works–Conversation, Controversy, Arm-wrestling and Maximum Energy – Minimum Time–to be performed anew, reinterpreting those seminal actions within the context of the present.

The performance Maximum Energy – Minimum Time adapts its costuming commemorate the suicide of Vladimir Mayakovsky, a Russian Soviet poet. Dressed in a Red Army uniform, Šoškić performed Mayakovsky’s death, where he fashioned himself a soldier. Šoškić does not mourn Mayakovsky, nor does he create a martyr’s sage out of his “soldier’s death”. For him, Mayakovsky is here a vital figure, a true militant poet.

Image credit: Ilija Šoškić, Maximum Energy – Minimum Time, 1975; courtesy of the artist and White Box.

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