Film Premiere “Everything Flows, Nothing Stands Still (For Enrico Pedrini)”

Film Premiere “Everything Flows, Nothing Stands Still (For Enrico Pedrini)”
by Daniel Rothbart & Joachim Gerich

Remarks by Wolfgang Becker
Former Founding Director, Ludwig Forum for International Art, Aachen, Germany

“Everything Flows, Nothing Stays The Same (For Enrico Pedrini)” is a performance work with sculptural objects and mineral water by American artist Daniel Rothbart. In homage to Italian art theorist, curator and collector Enrico Pedrini, the work explores indeterminacy, mysteries of existence and the subterranean waters and currents that flow beneath Aachen, Germany. It is part of curator Wolfgang Becker’s ongoing Aachen Water Project, a series of site-specific artworks conceived for the wells and waters of Aachen. Filmed by Joachim Gerich and his camera team and edited by Daniel Rothbart, the film has a running time of 23 minutes.

A Work By
Daniel Rothbart

Curated By
Wolfgang Becker

Ahmed Kreusch
Laura Moreno Bruna
Daniel Rothbart
Annette Schmidt

Cinematography By
Joachim Gerich

Edited By
Daniel Rothbart

Photography By
Laura Dovern
Joachim Gerich
Jan-Peter Trogerlic

Sponsored By
Detlef Hambuecker, Schwertbad Clinic, Aachen
Christoph Koesters, Itertal Clinic, Aachen