Ear to the Earth – GetTogether #1 “Jungle-Ized”

Opening event of the new Ear to the Earth – GetTogether #1. Soundwalk Collective discusses Jungle-Ized, their upcoming project in Times Square and Francisco Lopez’s sound recording in South American rainforests.


Jungle-Ized is a walking, sounding, and visual installation taking place in Times Square during Earth Month, April 1 to 30.
It was created by Soundwalk Collective, based in New York and Berlin, in collaboration with David de Rothschild. Jungle-Ized includes a film by Stephan Crasneanscki. It also includes fascinating sounds from the Peruvian Amazon, recorded by Francisco Lopez and played back within an eight-square-block area centered in Times Square. You’ll walk through the streets of Manhattan listening to howler monkeys howling and tree frogs croaking. Stephan Crasneanscki commented on the sound and image, “It’s an immersive experience, an interesting dichotomy of hearing the sound of nature, which is very peaceful, and at the same time looking at some kind of madness.”