MA.P.S A Call

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011. 11:30AM – 1:30PM

The Back Room presents a concurrent opening and dialogue between Tehran and NYC.

This spring, Wafaa Bilal was invited to participate in “Requiem for Innocence” at Aaran Gallery, Tehran. With over eighty Iranian performers, an empty pool, and five cameras, he developed “A Call” as memorial to the dead, the living, and the forgotten of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988).

As the Iranian government denied Bilal an artist’s visa, he will be attending the exhibition remotely, from a parallel opening at White Box in New York City. A video of Aaran Gallery, the installation, and its visitors will stream live on White Box’s walls, and attendees from both cities will be able to converse via the Internet. This mediated performance will enact the dislocations, delays, and ruptures that war breeds.

Co-curated by Ava Ansari and Molly Kleiman of The Back Room

Aaran Gallery, 
9 Dey St., North Kheradmand Ave.