100x John: A Global Salute to John Cage in Sound and Image

Ear to the Earth in collaboration with MA.P.S at White Box present 100x John: A Global Salute to John Cage in Sound and Image
December 20 – 23, 2012

With Tom Beyer, Walter Bianchi, Warren Burt, Alessandro Cipriani, Alvin Curran, Philip Dadson, R. Luke DuBois, Paul Geluso, Bernie Krause, Joseph Kubera, David Monacchi, Garth Paine, Maggi Payne, David Rothenberg, and many others

The environmental sound organization Ear to the Earth and MA.P.S (Media Arts, Performance, and Sound) Program at White Box join forces to present 100 x John, a weekend-long multimedia extravaganza celebrating the end of the 100th anniversary of John Cage’s birth with 100 compositions and sound art pieces by artists from around the world. In a 1937 talk, “The Future of Music: Credo”, Cage said, “I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase until we reach a music produced through the aid of electrical instruments which will make available for musical purposes any and all sounds that can be heard.” As a salute to Cage’s leadership in opening up music to all sounds, 100 x John will feature a vast array of works, all based on field recording, natural and urban, some using traditional instruments and voice. Most of the pieces have never been presented in New York or in a concert setting before.

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5-7PM: Meet Phill Niblock
A reception for the launch of Working Title, a panoramic view of multimedia artist Phill Niblock’s activities since the 1960s. The bilingual book (French/English), edited by Yvan Etienne contains articles, reviews, interviews and four films on DVDs.

7-10PM: Cagean Mix #1 & Six Solos
Cagean Mix #1
A multimedia mix of sounds and images from around the world, including locations as remote and diverse as Gorak Shep (Nepal), Yucatan (Mexico), Sogn og Fjordane, Aurland (Norway), and Horseshoe Bay (Texas). Images are by media artist R. Luke DuBois. Sound artists include N. B. Aldrich, Rodolphe Alexis, Michael Austin, Walter Branchi, Warren Burt, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Alessandro Cipriani, Philip Dadson, H. E. Cicada Brokaw Dennis, Luca Forcucci, Ricardo Garcia, Thomas Gerwin, Adam Gooderham, James Harley, Andrea Juan, Gregory Kramer, Bernie Krause, Stephen Lilly, Julian Mock, Giorgio Magnanensi, David Monacchi, Katharine Norman, Inge Olmheim, Garth Paine, Maria Papadomanolaki, Robin Parmar, Amandine Pras, Hanns Holger Rutz, Giorgio Sancristoforo, Eleonor Sandresky, Alyce Santoro, and Robert Scott Thompson, among others.

Six Solos
Rodolphe Alexis: Altamira Station at Dawn
Recorded in a Costa Rican rangers station in La Amistad International Park, one of the most preserved and wild lands of Central America.

Adam Gooderham: Dawn at Goongerah
Recorded in Goongerah, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Walter Bianchi: Silver Arrow
Recorded in Orvieto, Italy, during the classic automobile race called La Castellana.

Warren Burt: Wombat Hill
100 recordings (or 10-second sound snapshots) made in the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens of Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.

Thomas Gerwin: 24 Stunden Viki 02
Segment 2 of a 24-hour audio portrait of the Viktoria-Luise-Platz, Berlin’s famed square.

Arsenije Jovanović: Resava Variations
Stalactites recorded 700 hundreds meters underground in a cave in Eastern Serbia.

7-8PM: Cagean Mix #2
A multimedia mix of sounds and images related to water, featuring locations such as Antarctica, Galgibaga Beach (Goa, India), Tomales Bay (California) and Hudson River (New York City). Images are by media artist R. Luke DuBois. Sound artists include Tom Beyer, David Drexler, Paul Geluso, Andrea Juan, Atle Pakusch Gundersen, Maggi Payne, and Stephen Saldanha.

8-10PM: Performances
David Rothenberg: MagiCicada Unexpected Road

Joseph Kubera: Scenes from Staten Island

Garth Paine: Commentary Prelude

Guy Barash: For JC

Noon-8PM: Sounds & Images
David De Gandarias: Psarocolius Montezuma
Part of Microcerculus, a musical composition dedicated to the struggles for the conservation of the natural environment.

Arsenije Jovanovic: Souvenirs du Marché Aux Puces
The sounds of many gadgets around us, hiding values different from those for which they were originally designed.

Rodolphe Alexis: Dry, Wet, Evergreen
Recorded on Costa Rica’s Mesoamerican Biological Corridor –a biodiversity hotspot and territorial refuge for many neo-tropical species in danger of extinction.

Leah Barclay: Confluence
Exploring Wolf Rock, one of Australia’s most distinctive and diverse aquatic landscapes and home to a large population of endangered Grey Nurse sharks. Featuring Richard Haynes on Bass Clarinet with processing site-specific hydrophone recordings.

8-10PM: Performances
Don Bosley, Tom Beyer, and Susan Kaprov: Puzzles Variations

Richard Lainhart: Manhattan Sounds

Joel Chadabe and Orin Buck: Many Times Times Square

5-10PM: Cagean Mix #3
A multimedia mix of sounds and images related to New York City. Images are by media artist Luke DuBois. Sound artists include William Blakeney, Guy Barash, Alban Bassuet, Justin H Brierley, Joel Chadabe, Alexis Clements, Alvin Curran, Patrick Derivaz, Janeil Engelstad, Anne Guthrie, Hallvardur Asgeirsson Herzog, Joseph Kubera, Justin Mathew, and Ronen Shai, among others.

10PM-12midnight: Bradley Eros presents, Optipus: circus of silence / science of circles
Expanded cinema performance with imaginary plastic, electronics, foley, musique plastique, urban filed recordings, inventions.

For more information, visit: http://www.eartotheearth.org/