WhiteBox is a unique and versatile venue with two spaces available for rental: a 2,000 sq ft main exhibition space or its 1,200 sq ft lower level project space. Whether you are planning a public or private event, and whether you are interested in the main floor or lower level, WhiteBox is an ideal site for receptions, fashion shows, film shoots or screenings, photo shoots, theater and dance performances, rehearsals, live music and sound art, artists talks, lectures and panels, and more…


– WhiteBox is located at 329 Broome Street (Between Bowery and Chrystie)
– The Main Exhibition Space is 2,000 sq ft, has a capacity of 150 – 200 people (which varies depending on the setup of the event) and is perfect for large gatherings. The ceilings are 16′ tall with 149′ of linear wall space. The front area of the main space is 16′ x 22′-9″ and the main area is 45′-7″ x 22′-1″.
– The Lower Level Exhibition Space is 1,200 sq ft, has a capacity of 80 people and is perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings. The ceilings are 10′ tall with 110′ of linear wall space. The main lower level space is 51′-7″ x 21′-1″.
– Equipment: Audio and video equipment availability upon request.


All rentals are subject to exhibition schedules, reservations and the installation configurations of current exhibitions.

To Book our Space, contact Juan Puntes at 917.771.2230

To view Main Level Floor Plan

Whitebox Art Center Main Space Image

Main Exhibition Space


To view Lower Level Floor Plan

Whitebox Art Center Lower Level Space Image

Lower Level Exhibition Space

Main Space Event1
Main Space_ Event2